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               How did I start working on spas? Here is from the owner, from the start.

In 1974 I was with out a job, And not going to school, Drop out you no, I went to the army, took there test, And was thinking that if I was going to make it in life, The army was for me, That was on a Thursday, On Friday I was looking in the news paper for jobs, I saw an add for a Hot Tub repair man! I was thinking what is a hot tub, I went to Sequoia hot tubs ,with my truck and my tools, There was a lady there, She told me I had to fill out the app, I told here no, I will work for two weeks free, If you don’t like my work, Then you don’t have to pay me, Then again, she told me you need to fill in the app, I went out got in my truck, As I was backing out, a guy came out , and told me hold, He looked in my truck, I see you have your own tools and your own truck, He told me, I like you , You got a job, That was 37 years ago,

Mike Durand is the absolute best and most honest spa repair and service person in all of Southern California today – just as he was also back in 1974, thirty years ago! I should know, my Company, Sequoia Spa, hired and trained him at 19 years old, more than thirty-three (33) years ago! By the time the Wall Street Journal credited my Company for selling 10% of all hottubs in the US (in its March 2, 1978, front page article), it had grown to 5 retail locations with 5 crews working full time to install all the redwood hottubs and spas we could sell. While I hired and tried to use a number of other spa repair technicians back then due to my Company’s size, Mike Durand was the only repair technician the Company could depend upon to fix and/or complete our most problematic installations. Everyone in the Company was amazed at how Mike would not only fix every job we sent him out on, but ALL the customers loved him afterwards. Frankly, none of us understood how he did it! But, the fact remains – Mike did it. Today, I would not consider using anyone else to service, repair, and even replace my own backyard spa. Even if Mike were to increase his hourly rate to $300 an hour, I know he would be cheaper in the long run than anyone else – because he would do it right the first time – and quickly. (He even solved my spa leak problem a year ago caused by rats eating the plumbing hoses around the spa under my wood deck. Mike and I checked last week, and the rats have definitely departed!) Knowledgeable people like myself have too much experience to try to save money when hiring a computer software technician, a brain, back or eye surgeon, or a spa repair technician. We know better! Attempting to use someone less than THE BEST only results in headaches and more cost. Save yourself some pain and money, rely on Mike – you won’t regret it!
- Chris Manning, MBA, Ph.D., University Professor (Palos Verdes, CA)
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